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May 21, 2008


cat with the fiddle

thank you for sharing this! i am getting married this year and i wouldn't want to wear the "in-season" wedding gowns of this decade. i'm glad you showed pictures of 50's weeding styles. as a child, i fell madly in love with audrey's wedding dress as she married director mel ferrer, and to this day would only want to walk down the aisle in something just a few inches below the knee (i don't like anything that drags on the floor!). though i want the top simpler, much like the wedding dress audrey is wearing in the movie for your entry here. for some strange reason, i insist on a wide sash like grace kelly's! haha! but i want to keep it simple yet special. the ceremony would be nothing elaborate, just for close friends and family. i want the dress to reflect that understated grace. thanks for this post!


Lovely dresses and beautiful actress!


I want that dress:( so pretty


Beautiful dress, she looks adorable wearing that.


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Her vintage dress was cute. I like it. thanks for sharing this.


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hi! Thanks for sharing this information, this blog seems so interesting! I love fashion designing! I really like the designs of MacQueen, shame we lost him!

Nicola Greaves

My 1950's Hepburn style dress is getting delivered next week... I am uber excited!

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The 1950's bridal gowns are more feminine compared to what we have today. Fashion really evolve as years pass by.

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Look to the past as retro is in


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